• Vertical core shooting machine will allow core box rotating 180° and drain excessive resin sand out of core box. Therefore, core will come out in hollow. 1 ~ 4 kg/cm² shooting pressure will make core surface very firm and solid.
  • This machine can be installed a conveyor belt to automatically send the sand cores out of the machine. Therefore, without the need to manually take the cores.
Model KKA-430 KKA-440 KKA-530 KKA-540 KKA-550 KKA-600 KKA-650
Core Box Size 
(LxHxW) mm
450x300x250 450x400x250 500x300x250 500x400x250 550x400x300 600x400x300 650x500x300
Max. Core Size
(LxHxW) mm
370x280x200 370x380x200 420x280x200 420x380x200 470x380x250 520x380x300 570x480x300
Operation Mode Manual/Single Cycle/Auto Cycle
Production Speed 40 ~ 70 seconds/cycle, depends on size and shape of products
Heating Type LPG or Electrical
Max. Blowing Capacity 10-20 kgs 15-25 kgs 15-25 kgs 15-25 kgs 15-30 kgs 15-30 kgs 15-30 kgs
Sand Storage Capacity 200-300 kgs
Operation Pressure 5-6 kgs/cm²
Sand Blowing Pressure 1-4 kgs/cm²
Weight 2500 kgs 2600 kgs 2600 kgs 3000 kgs 3100 kgs 3200 kgs 3300 kgs
Dimension(m) 2.1x3.5x3.1 2.1x3.5x3.1 2.1x3.5x3.1 2.1x3.5x3.1 2.3x3.6x3.2 2.5x3.7x3.3 2.7x3.8x3.4